Teaching Conferences

Through weekly conferences and seminars, the requirements for a core education are satisfied at Mount Sinai St. Luke's-Roosevelt. The department is thoroughly committed to supplementing a medical education with departmental conferences/seminars presented by residents, faculty and guest speakers.

Didactic Program

Our didactic curriculum utilizes SCORE, a web-based, standardized program developed by the American Board of Surgery. Our conferences are organized and given by the faculty, with the input of the residents. Frequent quizzes and mock in-training exams are given to encourage sustained reading throughout the year.

We have a comprehensive surgical skills simulation program, based on the American College of Surgeons and the Association of Program Directors in Surgery (ACS/APDS) curriculum. This curriculum encompasses all levels of training, and follows the principles of adult learning theory. Examples of recent modules include, basics of suturing and knot tying, ultrasound guided breast biopsy, emergent surgical airway, endoscopy, trauma surgery in the animate lab, and laparoscopic solid organ surgery. Resident time is protected during these modules.

Conference Schedule

Vascular Tuesday 7 am Roosevelt 2C (televised to SL)
Chest Tuesdays 4 pm Roosevelt 2C
Hepatobiliary Tuesdays 5 pm Roosevelt 2C
Core Surgical Science Wednesdays 7am Roosevelt 2B (televised to SL)
Grand Rounds Wednesdays 9:00 am Combined Meeting
Morbidity and Mortality Wednesdays 8:00 am Combined Meeting
Vascular M&M 1st /3rd /5th Wed SL Muhlenberg 410
Vascular M&M 2nd /4th Wed Roosevelt 2C
Board Review1 Wednesday 12 pm Roosevelt 2B
Board Review2 Wednesday 12 pm Roosevelt 2B
Colorectal Thursdays 7 am Roosevelt 2C (televised to SL)
Tumor Board Thursdays 5 pm Roosevelt 2B
Trauma Friday 7 am St Luke's Muhlenberg 410