Salaries/Benefits/Conditions of Employment

The following information describes benefits and the terms and conditions of employment for all residents and fellows, collectively termed as "residents" or "housestaff".

Statement of Commitment to Graduate Medical Education

Mount Sinai St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center affirms its commitment to Graduate Medical Education by providing and maintaining the institutional infrastructure including personnel, equipment, facilities and resources necessary to support an appropriate academic environment. The environment will foster professional and personal development by providing organized educational programs, appropriate guidance and supervision of all residents and fellows to deliver outstanding compassionate medical care.

Annual Salaries for Residents are commensurate with other training programs in New York City.

Salaries are paid on a bi-weekly basis

Health and other Insurance Benefits

*Provided through the Committee of Interns and Residents Benefits Plan.

Life Insurance and Disability Coverage

*Provided through the Committee of Interns and Residents Benefits Plan

Malpractice Coverage

Residents are covered by the Hospital Center's malpractice insurance for acts and/or omissions that arise out of employment-related patient care activities. Coverage may be extended for activities that are not considered to be directly related to a staff physician's hospital duties and responsibilities, provided that prior approval has been obtained, in writing, from the Director of Service as well as from the Hospital Center's Risk Manager. Residents are also covered by the Hospital Center's malpractice insurance for any approved elective taken in other programs outside of the Hospital Center, as long as the elective is located in the United States.


The annual entitlement for a twelve-month period is four weeks. Vacation time for all Residents will be taken during the year accrued.

Sick Time/Leave

Twelve (12) days of paid sick leave is provided per year to a maximum of 48 days. There are provisions for bereavement leave and family and medical leave consistent with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.

*The Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR/SEIU) has been certified by the National Labor Relations Board as the representative for all interns, residents, chief residents and fellows, who are employed by Mount Sinai St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center in ACGME-ADA-AOA-APMA accredited training programs.

Direct Deposit

Arrangements may be made for direct deposit of paycheck to the bank of the resident's choosing.


Employees may elect to have deductions from their paychecks for US Savings bonds. The Hospital Center has a voluntary Tax Sheltered Annuity Plan 403(b) savings plan. This plan allows employees to save on a pretax basis and to build a financial reserve for retirement. 403(b) options are available through Fidelity Investments.

On-Call Rooms

Residents, who are required to take call in the hospital, will be assigned to on call rooms.


Appropriate uniforms are issued to residents, laundering of uniforms will be provided at no cost.


Meals are provided for teaching conferences up to five (5) meals per program, per week. An annual stipend for meals is provided.

Education Benefits -

Categorical residents who successfully pass USMLE Step 3 by the end of their first eighteen months of their training in any residency program will be reimbursed for the exam fee by the hospital. If a resident completes their first year of training in another institution, he or she will also be eligible for reimbursement until the end of their PGY2 year. Requests by Housestaff to use personal days, vacation days or unpaid leave to take the test will not be unreasonably denied.

Each resident will be provided a $100.00 towards the purchase of a textbook annually.


The Hospital provides housing to residents in ACGME-ADA-AOA-APMA approved programs who submit an application and the appropriate deposit by a specific cut-off date. The Hospital Center owns and operates three apartment buildings (at 515 West 59th Street and 10 Amsterdam Avenue near Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital and at 501 West 113th Street near Mount Sinai St. Luke's Hospital) for this purpose. The Real Estate Office makes all rent determinations, and rent is deducted automatically from residents' paychecks. The Hospital Center understands the need to provide housing at a cost that is fair and consistent with applicable laws and market conditions. Terms of the current CIR agreement provide that the increase in rent will not exceed 5% in any year.

Except for luxury housing in 10 Amsterdam , the following guidelines are used for assigning apartments:

Studio : single employee; employee with partner (spouse or domestic partner) and no children; single employee with a child

One bedroom : employee and partner with one child; single employee with one child

Two bedroom : employee and partner with two children; employee and partner with one child; single employee with two children

Three bedroom : employee and partner with three or more children; employee and partner with two children

Only the resident and immediate family (spouse/partner and children only) who live in the apartment full-time are eligible for housing. Parents, siblings, other relatives, live-in help are not eligible for housing or considered for the apartment size.

Pre-Employment Health Assessment

All new employees are required to undergo a pre-employment assessment and be medically cleared by Employee Health Service before they can begin to work.

Pre-Employment Drug and Background Screening

SLRHC has a pre-employment drug testing policy for all employees. All residents accepted into residency/fellowship programs at the Hospital must submit to a drug screen. Employment (or acceptance into the training program) will be finalized only upon completion of a negative drug screen. Additionally required, is a successful background investigation confirming the accuracy and completeness of the information on an individual's application and associated forms; reference checks; verification of academic credentials; and the presentation of proof of eligibility to work in the United States in accordance with the Immigration and Naturalization Service Act.

Required Life Support Training

BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support), ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and (Advanced Trauma Life Support) is a requirement for Surgical residents. All incoming housestaff will be given the opportunity to attend the required BCLS and/or ACLS (and ATLS if required) training offered by the SLRHC without charge.

Orientation and Other Pre-Employment Requirements

SLRHC expects new housestaff to be available in advance of their official start date to attend a special new employee orientation for housestaff and to get additional training as required.


SLRHC strives to maintain competitive, high quality Graduate Medical Education Programs that provides fair and equitable access to individuals and will use selection criteria for eligible applicants on the basis of their preparedness, ability, aptitude, academic credentials, communication skills, and personal qualities such as motivation and integrity. SLRHC will not discriminate against any applicant based on race, color, sex, religious creed, national origin, age, veteran status, handicap, political affiliation, or marital status.


Each resident, prior to his/her employment, will receive a detailed written contract.

Duration of Appointment

The term of appointment is for one year only and is subject to renewal prior to each academic year based on the resident's prior year performance and evaluations.

"Match" Commitment

The listing of an applicant by a program on its certified rank order list or of a program by an applicant on the applicant's certified rank order list establishes a binding commitment to offer or to accept an appointment if a match results. SLRHC, and its training program directors, have signed the Match Participation Agreement and will honor its commitment to accept the candidates that result from the "Match". All candidates should review the Match Commitment Start Date information listed below and the attached Sample Contract , which contains the requirements and conditions of an appointment before including the SLRHC training program on your match list. All candidates requiring visa sponsorship must discuss that sponsorship with the program and understand what visa sponsorship would be available to them at SLRHC and be aware of the start date requirement listed below.

"Match" Commitment Start Date

Most programs begin their training each year on July 1st . Some programs have earlier start dates; each candidate should confirm the start date so that he/she clearly understands the terms of their match agreement with that SLRHC training program. If a program has a start date of July 1st, it is expected that the candidate be ready to begin training by July 1st, for the commitment to be met.

Visa Sponsorship

All candidates should review visa sponsorship, with the program director, before entering into the "Match" or accepting a non-match position. Candidates should clearly understand what visa sponsorship would be available to them at SLRHC.

The amount of time required to obtain visas has increased in the last few years because of the additional security clearances required for all foreign medical graduates. To be eligible for visa sponsorship by SLRHC, it is expected that each candidate must meet the requirements listed below:

J-1 Visas

SLRHC routinely sponsors J1 visas. The J-1 visa is considered the most appropriate for foreign medical graduates entering the U.S. for the purpose of receiving graduate medical education. SLRHC expects that all candidates must meet all the requirements for ECFMG certification before they enter into the "Match" or are accepted into a non-match training program.

H1-B Visas

Under certain and limited circumstances, SLRHC may sponsor foreign medical graduates for H1-B visas for the purpose of receiving graduate medical education training. The only candidates who will be considered for H1-B sponsorship must be categorical candidates who are (1) ECFMG certified and (2) must have ALSO passed and received their USMLE step 3 score at least a week before the Rank Order list is submitted (for Main Match residents - February 15, 2006). All sponsored candidates for H1-B visas must use the services of the lawyer associated with SLRHC.

Other Work Permits

Candidates who are expecting to receive work permits by means other then the J-1 or H1-B visas must review the circumstances with the program director before entering into the "Match" or accepting a non-match position.

We invite you to visit our Graduate Medical Education website, , to review pre-employment requirements, policies and the full Real Estate information package.