Clinical Trials

The division of Cardiac Surgery is currently participating in three clinical trials:

The PROACT study involves patients who require valve replacement. It utilizes On-X ™ mechanical valves and careful monitoring to determine whether lower levels of anticoagulation are adequate for patients, thus allowing them the benefit of a mechanical valve with less potential for complications.

The AFFIRM study follows patients who have received surgical treatment for atrial fibrillation. The modified “MAZE’ procedure uses radiofrequency energy to prevent the conduction of this common arrhythmia. The purpose of this study is to determine long-term success rates for conversion to sinus rhythm.

The REVERT involves cardiac resynchronization therapy, a specialized treatment for congestive heart failure. Resynchronization therapy requires pacing of both the right and left sides of the heart to allow the heart to beat more efficiently. This study seeks to determine the best method for placement of the left sided lead, either at the time of pacemaker insertion, or through small incisions using robotic assistance so that the best site for optimal pacing may be used.

Meet Our Physicians

Sandhya K. Balaram, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Karan Omidvari, MD

Daniel Swistel, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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